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The “rocket” of pizzas, the robot that cooks them in 5 minutes is invented

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A group of ex-SpaceX employees look set to disrupt the $45 billion pizza industry with the help of their robot.

Stellar Pizza, will cook perfect pizza by a robot within 5 minutes. Their goal is to keep prices affordable, 30-centimeter pizzas will cost between $7-12, and customers can choose up to 10 flavor combinations.

The machine can turn a ball of dough into a circle and evenly spread sauces and other combinations. The robot was designed with household appliances, is controlled by a special program for it and will be placed inside a pickup truck.

In a video, the complete process from opening the dough to placing the products is shown. The pizza is then placed inside one of the four ovens to be baked.

There will also be employees who will deliver pizzas to customers. Stellar Pizza also received $16.5 million in funding from Jay-Z and will be located at the University of California for the first time.

The pizza dough is prepared inside the truck and fermented for several days to make the taste more complex and strong.

Also called “a rocket within wheels”, the robot has the capacity to make 420 pizzas. / /

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