Close October 17, 2022

The electric flying car is invented

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A flying car can whisk tourists around cities at a speed of 128 km/h, a company has announced.

The XPeng X2 is all-electric and can stand at a height of 92m, almost as tall as Big Ben. But the two-seater car, each of which can be controlled remotely, can even reach the height of the Empire State Building.

For those who might get scared during the 35-minute flight, the car is equipped with a parachute in case of incidents.


Chinese firm XPeng believes the car will be “perfect” for short trips between cities, such as sightseeing or delivering medical equipment. It is predicted that its cost will be the same as that of a Bentley or Rolls Royce luxury car, while it will be released on the market in 2025. / /

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