Social Media Management

Social Media Management

The presence of your business on social media these days is extremely important as the biggest purchasing power and marketing is taking place on social media.

Your presence on social media requires a lot of work and commitment, you should entrust the management of social media to a marketing agency that will curate all your content in detail and will carry out the posts, marketing strategy, audience analysis, and make you and your business to reach the customers you want.

FAQ : Frequently asked questions/answers.

The cost of a website is never almost the same as we calculate the cost based on the functionalities and pages that a website will have, contact us and we will give you the cost for the website you need. staff usually requires 2-4 weeks to build a website up to 15 pages, while if a website has specific requirements and data entry will have to be done by our staff, the time will be calculated according to the requirements and the voluminous information that can be should be added.

There is no limit regarding the uploading of products on a website that we build for you, the same applies to a blog post or page, there is no limit.

After we build a website for each client, we also optimize it for SEO, also based on the package, each client benefits from free SEO from us. The website has all the ready functionality related to SEO, ads, analytics, etc. offers website building, hosting, domain purchase, domain renewal and hosting, monthly/daily backup according to your request and need, CDN for fast speed, professional email with spam protection, dedicated IP for your server and your website etc. has servers in UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Africa, Italy, Asia, etc.
The location of the server is chosen based on your needs, if your clients are in the UK, the server should also be located in the UK for maximum performance.