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LG has successfully tested 6G data transmission

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The 5G network, although not specifically in our area, has become standard in a large part of the world.

The most expensive phones of all companies are exclusively equipped with 5G support, while 4G phones are produced only in lower classes.

Big tech companies have been developing the 6G network for a long time and we could see the first prototypes in four years. The LG company has now taken an additional step in this direction.

The South Korean technology giant has announced that it has successfully tested 6G Terahertz (THz) data transmission and reception over a distance of 320 meters in an outdoor environment at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) in Berlin.

The company announced that the test was carried out on September 7, 2022. in the frequency range 155 GHz – 175 GHz. This test was heralded as a major step forward in the commercialization of 6G networks in urban areas.

LG and its partners used a custom 20dBm multi-channel amplifier for data transmission and a low-noise receiver, which helped improve incoming signal quality.

Compared to the 5G network, 6G aims to offer up to 50 times faster end-to-end data transfer speeds and 10 times lower latency, as well as offering greater reliability.

It should be noted that the South Korean government stated some time ago that it should have 6G prototypes ready by 2026, so that the technology will be ready for commercialization in late 2029 and early 2030. / /

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