Close September 10, 2022

iPhone 14 is released: Use the satellite for urgent messages, bring it back from the sky!

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The wait for the iPhone 14 has come to an end: the Apple company presented new models of its most advanced smartphone, which is capable of using satellites to send emergency messages.

“iPhone 14 is larger than the previous iPhone, and even larger in size is iPhone14+. We designed and built custom components and specific software so that the iPhone14 antennas could connect to the unique satellite frequencies.”

Its new satellite SOS feature makes the iPhone 14 even more coveted, as it will help users send and receive messages with the first response even if there is no cellular service.

“We created a custom short text algorithm to reduce the average message size. Thanks to this algorithm, it can take less than 15 seconds to send a message if you have a clear view of the sky.”

The iPhone 14 also comes with an Ultra watch focused on adventures for sports such as diving and triathlon, while the camera has also been improved.

It can identify a serious accident and automatically connect the user to emergency services, provide their exact location and notify emergency contacts. The starting price of Apple’s latest smartphone is $799.

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