Close September 11, 2022

Instagram confirms it’s testing the repost feature

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A new feature may be coming to Instagram that allows users to repost other users’ photos or Reels. This was noticed by social network analyst Matt Navarra, who posted a “screenshot” on Twitter.

The picture displayed a new file called “Repost”. As reported by GSM Arena , Instagram confirmed that it is testing this feature in a statement released by them.

“We’re exploring the possibility of re-sharing posts in Feed – the same way we re-share in Stories – so people can share what resonates with them, and that means the original creators get credit for their work. We plan to test this feature soon with a small group of people.

Currently, the only way to repost or distribute posts is to put them in a “story” which expires after 24 hours.

This new Repost feature would work by sending a reposted post or reel to the main feed of a user’s followers rather than a story.

The Repost feature will be in the same sharing menu as a post or reel, and followers will be able to reply with a message to content reposted by the reposter.

In the meantime, the repost tab will appear on the user’s profile, which his followers can see.

Users will also be able to add their own thoughts to a repost before sharing it.

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