Close September 10, 2022

Google Play bans former US President Donald Trump’s platform

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Former President Trump’s social platform cannot be downloaded from Google Play.

According to Google, the platform violates policies for banning posts with content such as physical threats and incitement to violence. This move makes it difficult for Android phone users to download the app.

Truth Social was first launched on Apple’s App Store in February, but the platform’s launch was beset with problems. Meanwhile, it is still not available on Google Play, the place from where android phone users can download it.

The CEO of ‘Truth Social’, Devin Nunes, has called Google a ‘monopoly’. Last week it was announced that the app would be available on the Google Play Store, but Google seems to have declined.

Truth Social Media

“On August 19, we notified Truth Social about several violations of standard policies. Having effective systems for user-based content moderation is a requirement for any app to appear on Google Play,” a Google spokesperson told the BBC.

Google also says it has provided advice to Truth Social in order to fix the issues.

Truth Social was founded as a free speech platform, but this app has many rules on what can and cannot be posted. It was founded by former President Trump and is where he himself posts after being banned from Twitter and Facebook after the riots at the Capitol.

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