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Google changes the rules, 1GB of RAM is no longer enough for the operation of smartphones

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New news comes from Google, which will obviously change the use of cheap and old phones.

Today it is common that there are smartphones on the market with the Android operating system, that have 6, 8 or more GB of RAM memory and that have at least 64 GB of internal memory for data storage, Telegrafi reports.

Even in some cheap models, these specifications can be observed, which ensure users a problem-free use of the smartphone, as far as the minimum requirements needed to use Google applications are concerned.

There are also smartphones on the market that have weaker specifications, but are often used, and some can run applications without problems even under 2 GB of RAM.

These are inexpensive products that are most often bought by elderly users and children, who use the famous version of the Android Go operating system.

These days, Google has officially announced the presentation regarding the use of GMS. Categories of Google Mobile Services, which mainly relies on all Google applications that are deeply integrated into Android.

GMS allows access to many applications that are on phones and used for daily use, and they are Play Store, Google Search (and Google Assistant), Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube and many others.

To use these applications, Google has increased the minimum memory requirements for smartphones to 2 GB of RAM. In other words, all specs that are lower cannot use Google apps.

Starting with Android 13, smartphones will need at least 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage to run Google apps that are part of GMS.

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