Close September 16, 2022

Chrome’s Incognito access on Android can now require your fingerprint

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Starting in 2020, some Chrome apps on iOS added a Privacy Screen that requires Touch or Face ID authentication to access those apps.

Chrome for Android is now getting the ability to lock your Incognito tabs with your fingerprint.

When you have “Incognito” tabs open, exiting Chrome will immediately block those pages after fingerprint authentication, Telegrafi reports.

Opening the browser to return to those tabs will display a gray screen with the “Incognito” logo in the middle.

Tapping “Unlock Incognito” opens the fingerprint page of the “Verify it’s you” system. The option to “Use PIN” is also available in the lower left corner.

Other available options also include going back to regular tabs, while the overflow menu remains in its usual position of Close Incognito Tabs, but according to 9to5google it would probably be better to place it after the option with lock using fingerprints.

This is useful when you give your phone to someone who doesn’t know your passcode. It can be turned on and off from: “Settings > Privacy and Security > Lock Incognito Tabs after you leave Chrome”. / /

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