Close October 7, 2022

Apple becomes “Made in India”

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Apple has started production of the iPhone 14 in India, moving away from the supply chain in China.

The company makes most of its handsets in China, but has moved production abroad amid rising tensions between Washington and Beijing. China’s “zero Covid” policies have prompted nationwide quarantines and caused many problems for business during the pandemic.

The tech giant introduced the iPhone 14 on September 7. ” The new iPhone 14 models bring innovative new technologies and important security aspects. We are happy that they are manufacturing iPhone 14 in India ,” the company announced.

Taiwan-based Foxconn, which makes most of the handsets, has had an operation in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu since 2017, where the earliest versions of the iPhone are manufactured.

With the move to make India a leading manufacturer of new models, starting with the iPhone 14, Apple is increasing its value in the domestic market. Last year, the company’s market share reached 4%.

The American company faces difficulties in the face of cheaper Korean and Chinese competitors, who dominate the “smartphone” market in India. However, manufacturing the iPhone 14 there has not cut costs for Indians due to high customs and other taxes.

So, while Indians can’t wait to see the “Made in India” label on their iPhone, they will still have to pay a hefty sum to have it.

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